How To Deal With Heel Pain
February 10, 2016
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Heel pain can easily wreak havoc on your daily life. You might miss your favorite workout, have trouble completing your work heel painresponsibilities, or be unable to get around the house. If you suffer from heel pain that interferes with your daily life, follow the steps from podiatrist Dr. Jack Andrew Harvey of San Joaquin Foot & Ankle in Manteca, CA below and get back on your feet faster.

1. Consider the Cause of Your Pain 

First and foremost, check for severe injury. Did you recently twist an ankle or suffer a blow to your foot? If so, you might have a fracture or sprain. Seek immediate medical treatment if you think your pain is due to an acute injury.

Has your daily routine changed recently? Perhaps you started a new job or workout, or took a vacation where you did more walking than usual. These things can lead to temporary heel pain, but it’s still important to give yourself the extra care you need to find relief.

2. Get Immediate Relief

  • The RICE method--rest, ice, compression, and elevation--should be the first step to begin relieving your pain and reducing inflammation.
  • Excessive tension in the calves and feet can cause heel pain. Try stretching these muscles, massaging them with your hands or a foam roller, or scheduling a professional massage to relieve your pain.
  • If your pain worsens with physical activity, you may need to get new shoes for walking and exercise. Insoles can also help provide proper arch support and align your foot.

3. Seek Medical Care

Some heel pain conditions can’t be fully resolved on your own. If self-care and lifestyle changes don't relieve your pain, seek the advice of a Manteca professional as soon as possible.

Cortisone injections or physical therapy may be among the first treatment recommendations. In some cases, surgery is the best option to relieve your pain if nothing else helps.

Manteca Podiatrist

If you suspect an injury or suffer from chronic pain that you can’t solve alone, don’t hesitate to seek help. Continuing to use a painful foot can lead to worse problems, and can eventually cause pain in other areas of your legs, hips, or back.

Dr. Jack Harvey is an experienced podiatrist in Manteca, CA who can help you recover fully from your heel pain. Request your appointment now or call (209) 823-2700 today.


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By Lori Hibma
April 18, 2016
This is a great blog. What do you do differently to treat heel pain?