Want to Kick Your Heel Pain? A 3-Part Blog Series


Heel Pain. It’s awful. And surprisingly, more of us suffer with it than you might think! My goal is to help you kick that pain to the curb where it belongs and get you back on your feet doing the things you love! In this three-part blog series we'll cover typical symptoms, at-home treatment options, and more advanced treatment options available for heel pain.

Part 1-Typical Symptoms

First of all, we should keep in mind that pain of any kind is not normal. Pain is the body’s signal to us that something is wrong. If you are experiencing foot or heel pain that won’t go away, don’t just ignore it. Take steps to educate yourself about treatment options and make it a priority to address the root cause of your pain. You deserve to have a body that is healthy and free from pain! Here are some of the most common things I hear from patients about heel pain; tell me if any of these sound familiar:

“The first step of the morning is the most painful!”

“Painful needles poke me every time I take a step!”

“My heel aches all day long, whether I am on my feet or not.”

“I’ve had pain for awhile, but it just keeps getting worse.”

The types of symptoms listed above are common with a condition known as Plantar Fasciitis (PLAN-ter fash-ee-EYE-tus), which is basically an inflammation of the ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes. If you are suffering with these types of symptoms, or something similar, there is help available! You deserve to be healthy and pain-free! Stay tuned for our next blog posts in this series about at-home and advanced treatment options for your heel pain. If you can't wait, check out our heel pain section here on the website for more information, or if you are local to the Manteca, CA area, feel free to call our office at (209)823-2700 or make an appointment request to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harvey who can give you the best treatment options for getting you back on your feet.