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May 11, 2016
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Q. Are flip-flops bad for my feet?

A. While Cosmo Magazine has their opinions on the matter, according to scientific studies, there is actually no conclusive evidence that flip flops are necessarily bad for your feet or your gait.

That being said, flip flops are certainly not what I would call a “supportive” shoe. The ideal shoe, especially for someone with foot problems, is made of a soft material with laces, a two inch heel or less, and has shock absorbing & skid resistant soles. Wearing flip flops can leave your feet exposed to the elements, including dirt, bacteria, & fungus. And anyone who has worn flip-flops can attest to the cracked heels that can result from overuse.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: I wear flip flops! It’s true. On occasion I leave my feet open to the elements and enjoy wearing them at the beach or around my hometown of Manteca, CA! If wearing flip flops causes you pain, change your footwear. Otherwise, feel free to join me! Visit our patient education section devoted to shoes at for more!