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May 31, 2016
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Got Cracked Heels?

How to Treat Heel Fissures by Dr. Jack Andrew Harvey of Manteca, CA

Do you suffer from dry, cracked heels when you wear open heeled sandals? These cracks, known as heel fissures, are caused when excess pressure is placed on dry skin and calluses on the bottom of the foot. They generally aren’t painful at first, but they can be unsightly. If the cracks become deep enough, they can begin to cause pain or even bleed and lead to infection. It’s important to inspect your feet often to ensure the skin on your heels is healthy. If you are suffering from heel fissures, here are some helpful home remedies:

1- Moisturize your feet daily and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

2- Wear clean socks and closed shoes as much as possible

3- Avoid barefoot walking, especially on hard surfaces

4- Use a pumice stone in the shower to help remove dead skin & soften calluses

When Home Remedies Aren’t Enough

If these home remedies aren’t helping and you are experiencing pain, come into our office and in 30 minutes we can have your heels feeling much better. Podiatrists use special instruments to reduce your calluses to prevent further cracking. In our office located in Manteca, CA we also dispense a powerful 40% urea cream which promotes faster healing of your fissures. One of our most popular products is a special urea cream stick that makes application a snap because you never even have to touch the cream to apply it to your feet!

If the cracks in your heels are getting you down, there is help! Feel free to set up a consultation today by calling us at (209) 823-2700 or visiting Let’s get your feet feeling new again!